The Chemist

The Chemist, by Stephenie Meyer one of the best written books I’ve read so far. It’s fast paced, with a tad of romance. The story follows Alex, a girl who used to work for the government. This is definitely a change from Stephenie’s other books. After I read The Host, I needed a refresher. I looked for another Stephenie Meyer book, and this beauty showed up. After I read, this I was completely satisfied. It’s suspenseful, and it is very concentrated. (My favorite character is Daniel.) There are a couple slightly intimate scenes in this book, just FYI.

Alex is kind of like Johanna. She is cold, and nothing stands in her way. She would be willing to do anything for her lover. She doesn’t trust anybody, and she would kill anyone who gets in her way.

Daniel is a sweet, Finnick-like character. He s a teacher, which doesn’t surprise.

Kevin is a kind of like Alex, and the complete opposite at the same time. He is like a rock. Firm in his beliefs, and mean. The only thing that makes him soft if his beloved dog Einstien.

Val is…Whoo. She is kinda weird. Let’s just say that.

Alex: Erudite. Daniel: Amity. Kevin: Divergent. Val: Candor. Arnie: Abnegation.

I would give this book a thumbs up for the fourteen and up kids!



I am Number Four

Okay, how many of you were like, “What’s that?” I am Number Four is a book about aliens. The aliens came here from earth because they are being hunted. I liked the story, but I have some things to say about this book.

(1) They cursed too many times, and when they did, they didn’t even use proper English.

(2) It’s kinda childish for a book that uses the word s**t a lot.

(3) It’s not even written well.

I really liked the movie, but the book wasn’t satisfying for me. BUT I haven’t read the other companions to this book so I don’t get to judge quite yet. And I am not going to give an age recommendation for this because you have to decide if reading this is worth it. whether you are 11 or 22, you may or may not like this book.

But here is the faction choosing ceremony: John: Amity. Sam: Dauntless. Henri: Erudite. Mark: Factionless. Sarah: Abnegation. Six: Divergent.

“We’re goin’ to Paradise”


Movies and such

Even though my Site name is Books, Paper and Pen, Oh My!, (Which you should definitely follow), I also have a love for movies. Anything from Dances with Wolves,  to Pirates of the Caribbean. My all-time favorite one that I have seen countless times is the first How to Train Your Dragon. When I was little my dad had to leave at like, four in the morning to go to work. I would wake up to bid him goodbye, and then ask him to put the movie on for me. That was EVERY morning Monday thru Friday. When the second one came out I was overjoyed. When I saw the third and final one just recently, I was choking back tears, because it made my mind flash back to those dark mornings of watching Toothless and Hiccup.

My Story!!!

I have been writing a new story since the end of December. I call it, They Walk Among Us.  That probably won’t be the name I end it with, but that is what it’s called now. I will be sending it chapter by chapter. This is only a draft, and feel free to make suggestions in the comments section. It’s probably riddled with misspellings, and I’m only 12, so don’t judge. And the writing gets SOOOOO much better I promise.

 Chapter 1            Visions   

I don’t remember much about where I’m from. Just that it was hot, red, and scary. We were always afraid of the men in the black masks.  They searched for us, but we always managed to hide most of our tribe. It was at least one person to be taken.

    Then it was me.
They took me, my four friends, and my sister.
    They took us to a place they called “ Area 51”.
It is a myth among humans, but to us, it was all but that.
    They beat us for information, they torture us for answers.  They inject us for truth.

And that’s just a slow day.
    We each have a special trait about ourselves.  And it scares them.

    “Hey, Lucy.”  My friend Annabelle says to me after my morning “interrogation”
    “Hey, Ann.  What did they do to you today?”
    “It seems like they are stepping up their game.  That brought out the electricity stick thingy. They are so stupid. My brother has electrokinesis, so it doesn’t bother me.”
I roll my eyes.
    “I’m starving. I wonder what AWFUL thing they are going to have to eat” she says.
I giggle

    We meet up with our other friends in the dull, grey cafeteria. It hardly meets the standards of a regular cafeteria, but there is no other word for it.
I have never met a human, other than the our vile human captors that hold us in the place. I wonder if all humans are like that.

I see my friend Jacob, and Annabelle’s brother, easily distinguishable with his fire truck red hair, walks to the table with his trademark angry face.
My little sister Ava, who barely touches the ground while she floats with ease.
My friend Danielle, who always looks sad to the fullest extent. I don’t understand why she always looks sad, but I try to help her not to.
My friend Logan, who always looks happy. He helps us not to always feel down in this awful place.
    We each have a number tattooed behind our ears. We are not supposed to have names; we have numbers.
     My number is four.  Danielle’s is three. Annabelle’s is six.  Ava’s is nine. Jacob’s is eight. Logan’s is five.
        “ I don’t understand why they want to know so much about our planet; it’s not like we came and kidnapped them, tortured them, and sometimes starved them just for information about earth,” Logan says, “ what are they going to do with all this information anyway?”
    “I don’t know and don’t care. It’s fun here with you guys.” Annabelle says
I am annoyed with Annabelle for being so happy in this awful place, so I look at her plate, pick up her cheese-roll with my telekinesis, and place it on my plate.  She scowls hard at me.

I look at the hallway that connects the cells to the cafeteria.  Four people walk down the hall. Melodie Warren, who is classified as the most dangerous of all of us.  Her number is ten. She releases gasses that robs you of sight, smell, and hearing. The guards have her arms tied in jacket-thing that makes you look like your hugging yourself.  The Walsh twins, who look exactly alike except for their noses, and their numbers are seven and seventeen. Mark Sloan, whose number is fifteen. And Kenzie Green, whose number is thirteen.  Kenzie has always scared me, not because she looks angry, like Jacob, but because she always looks like she is plotting something.
    “Number 8, please come for mandatory testing.”  someone over the P.A. calls.
Jacob rolls his eyes.
    See you.”  He walks off, scowling.  I see him scratching his number tattoo behind his ear.  I wonder if it irritates or embarrasses him.
    “I wonder why they are testing him?”  Annabelle says. I wonder too.
    He comes back hours later as we are talking in our makeshift “living” area.  He has plenty of injection scars and a swollen shut eye. I suspect he resisted some of the liquids.  Or they beat him for information about our planet.
    “What happened to you?” Logan asks.
    “I don’t want to talk about it. I’m going to my cell. See you.” He says and walks off.
    “Jeez, they messed him up GOOOOOOD-“
    “Annabelle! Don’t be so rude!” I say.

“Okay,     MOM,” she says.  She rolls her eyes at me and resumes talking to Logan.

I return to my cell with an angry face.  I sit down on my bed and look through my window that connects my and Jacob’s cell. He sits on his bed with and angry face and tears running down his face.  I knock on the window to make sure he is okay. He looks at me with a surprised face and turns away to wipe away his tears. He looks back at me with a sad smile.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile before.
    “You okay?” I ask
    “Yeah, fine” he lies.
    “Tell me the truth.” I say.
    “Ok. They started beating me, just because I was asking them about the serums.  But that’s what they do. They beat us for no reason, because we are not the same as them”. A tear squeezes out of the red lump.  He lies down on his bed and sighs. He is asleep. I place my hand on the glass and watch him sleep.
The next morning, Jacob is gone. I suspect he went either to the cafeteria or the living area.  He was at neither. I hope he isn’t in the lab.
    “What are you looking for?” Danielle asks.  Her voice is scratchy and rough. It is hard on my ears.  Her voice is also hard to get used to when you don’t listen to it consistently.
    “Nothing. I’m just concerned for Jacob.  He seemed really messed up last night.” I say.

“I’m sure he’s fine.  He acts all manly, so he should actually BE manly.”  Logan says.

The next morning,  I am summoned to the lab.  I walk with dread. I wonder what they have in store for me.  I pass Jacob in the hallway. He looks at me briefly, through his one good eye. He looks sorrowful,  regretful. I hope he is okay.
    “Sit down, please.”  Lori, the head chemist/torturer says.  The niceness won’t last long.
I sit on the ice-cold metal chair.  She approaches me with a lengthy needle.  She injects it into the pit of my elbow. The pain is excruciating.  It gives me visions of my greatest fears.

     The hallucinations are torturous.  In the first one, I am in a forest.  I stand alone, but I see fast-moving objects around me.  They get closer and closer until they are almost touching me.  They circle me, until I use my telekinesis to move them out of the way, until I transport to a different place.  I am in a room, with one of the men in black masks. I don’t care that they are only humans; these men used to haunt my childhood.  He approaches me; I turn and run away. Next I see a killer clown with an axe, and it runs towards me. It grabs me by the arm and begins trying to sever my limb off.
    “Bring her out of it,” Lori says, “She’s had enough.”
I gasp as I come out of my deep trance.  My face is beaded in sweat, my hands shake, tears fall from my face.
I feel different after the visions.  I wonder what they did.

  1. I instantly pity Jacob, because if they did this to him, they would break him.
        “Are you doing this to all of us?”
        “Of course,” Lori says, “What else?”
        “You can’t!”
        “Yes we can. Good afternoon.”
    I storm off.  I need to warn the rest of my friends.
    I find Annabelle, staring in the mirror switching her hair color using her shape-shifting powers.
        “Blue, or pink?” She asks
        “Pick one. Hey listen, they are giving people hallucinations, like awful. They could be deadly.  
        “Blue it is. Wait, what?”

    But I am already gone.

    I run to Ava’s cell.  She plays with her makeshift doll whilst she sits on her bed.  
        “Ava, they are going to call you into the lab, but whatever they do to you, I don’t want you to be scared, okay?” I say, knowing perfectly well that she is going to be scared.
    Her lip trembles

        I think the hallucinations are to make us crazy, so we can’t be dangerous.  Or they are taking things from our head while we are subconscious. I see Annabelle run to Logan and Danielle’s cells, probably to warn them.

        We aren’t normally allowed to just roam about the compound, but we have figured out a way to pick the locks on the cells without the guards knowing.  I look around for any guards, then I run to Melodie’s cell. We aren’t friends, but I wanted to see what the outcome of the tests were on her.
        I see her sitting on the bed with her knees drawn to her face and rocking back and forth.  She looks like she is muttering something to herself, maybe something to keep her sane.
        “What are you doing here? Are here to watch me and judge?” She asks through the window that separates us.
        “I just wanted to see what the hallucinations were doing to other people.”
        “You would do well to leave.” She says
        “Or what? You’re going release your EVIL gasses on me? Oh, wait, you can’t. You’re all tied up till your weak, and hopeless.”
        I walk off.

        Later, in our secret living area, everyone has a solemn face.  Annabelle has pink hair, despite the dreary mood. Logan tries multiple time to crack a joke, but they always fall flat. Jacob is a no-show.  Danielle looks like she is trying to sleep, though she is really moping. About what I cannot say. Ava lies on my lap with her doll. Annabelle tries to shape shift into silly things to make us laugh. She even gets a, but none are long-lasting.
    Logan uses his elemental powers to keep our small fire going.  Ava jumps up into the air and does airy flips. Danielle, using her “seeing in to the future” powers, tells us that in twenty-two minutes, Jacob will storm into the room.  Though her visions are subjective to the path people are on, I don’t doubt Jacob will storm into the room sooner or later, and that Logan was going to tell plenty more jokes.       

“Okay, okay, I got one. A B-flat, an E-flat, and a D-flat walk into a bar, but the bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve minors’” Logan says.  He laughs hard at this joke, but I don’t understand music jokes. Wait, scratch that. I don’t really understand things they would have out in the normal world.  I don’t know why he does.
    “How about this one? A goat, a drum, and a snake jump off a cliff.  Ba-dum-tss.”
He screams in laughter at this one.  I roll my eyes. It’s funny, but dumb. But at least I understood it.
     Twenty-two minutes and forty-some dumb jokes later, just as predicted, Jacob storms in.  I don’t understand why he looks so angry. Multiple emotions shows on his face. Rage. Terror. Sorrow. Regret.
    “What happened?” Annabelle asks. “No offense, but you look terrible.”
    “She’s right. You look absolutely awful,” I say. “You have like, bruises and cuts and-“
    “Shut up, alright? Just shut up.”  Jacob says, “I don’t want to talk about it.”
Annabelle’s hair changes to green from embarrassment. Sometimes it changes with her mood or feeling.  She isn’t quite strong enough to control it all the time.
    The room is quiet for at least an hour.  When Logan’s umpteenth joke fails, the room falls silent again.
That’s when someone knocks

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Ok. You saw it coming. Harry Potter is one of the movies I have been watching the longest. I watched the movies countless times before I read the book. I have decided to do each of them separately because there are so many of these books! I loved it unconditionally until recently, and that is because as I’m getting older I’m noticing things in movies I never notice before. (And again with the sorting!)

The one I noticed the earliest (like, 10 or 11) was that Dumbledore is extremely biased. He gives Gryfindoor points for random things. And things that didn’t matter. Slytherin is NOT a bad house. Only the people are. (Heck, I’M a Slytherin).

Dumbledore gives Harry a task, but doesn’t tell him how to do it. He just sends him off in to the unknown. (Sorry, a lot of these are about Dumbledore)

Harry is kind of an idiot. In the first part of the first book/movie, he tries to grab letters from the air. He could have grabbed them from the ground, but NOOOOO, he tried to grab them from the air. (So, I’m sorry Harry, but Ravenclaw is not an option)

So, I can’t bring myself to say this is a BAD book, but I’m going to say it’s a little childish, and a lot of these things are true. I know a lot of people will probably hate me after this post, but I’m not going to lie. This books doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways. (But I’d still kill to meet Emma Watson)

I give this book a thumbs up for the eight and up peeps!

“Yer a wizard, Harry”


Little Women: Big Dreams

When I read Little Women, by Lousia May Alcott, at first… Well, I wasn’t intrigued. I waited a few weeks to pick it up again. When I did, I wished I never put it down! The characters, and the variety just between the siblings! Meg is the sensible older sister. Jo is the tomboy. Beth is the quiet, peaceful one. Amy is the mischievious little sister. My favorite character was Laurie. He made me giggle.

I have nothing wrong to say about this book. This book was perfect in every way I loved Jo and Laurie’s relationship, and Amy’s little remarks.

It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, you will love this book.

I give this book a thumbs up for the ten and up crowd!

I don’t have a quote for this one, sorry.


The Hunger Games Trilogy

I LOOOOOVE The Hunger Games. Books and movies. I just do. No questions asked. I fell in love with all of the characters, but the one I was able to connect with was Haymitch Abernathy. That does NOT mean he is my favorite. My favorite characters are Johanna Mason and Finnick Odair, but that’s besides the point.

I honestly think that the sorting system in this book is better than Divergent.   Because, let’s be honest, in almost EVERY book, and I mean every, have some sort of sorting system. This one is just a LOT more subtle.

Obviously, when first I read about and watched Peeta on screen it was love at first sight, but when I did a marathon recently with my aunt and uncle, my uncle made a valid observation. He said that Peeta was a little more on the needy side, and I’m OK with that. I am a totes Team Peeta, so don’t get me wrong, Gale is awful. But Gale is more realistic. He doesn’t have TIME to be a baker. He has to work in the mines six days a week, for twelve hours a day. (I’m paraphrasing, bear with me) He is more down-to-earth, Let’s-get-muddy kinda guy. But none of that excuses the way he stomped all over Peeta. (And, yes, I had a crush on Josh Hutcherson/Peeta for a while) And Peeta deserves every and any praise he gets, because of all of the things he went through in Mockingjay. I won’t divulge any details.

Katniss is AWESOME. Let me get that out of the way. Personally, I relate to her more than Tris Prior. You’ll know who that is if you read my Prior (See what I did there?) post on Divergent. She is a hero in so many ways. She is REALISTIC. She just wants to save her sister from the awful fate of being killed in the Hunger Games.

The two character that made me laugh and giggle the most were Effie and Haymitch. Effie is dumb and oblivious, while Haymitch is…Well, let’s just say he’s a Slytherin. He uses alchohol to get over his trauma. But, like, pick flowers, or visit Amity, just stop drinking!

If you didn’t cringe at the way Effie dressed in the movie you aren’t human. I definitely did. I still do. The one that stuck the most is in Catching Fire, in the scene where they are all sitting on the train. That red-and-gold thing totally made me want to hurl.

Now, it’s only natural I should want to do a section on my two favorite characters, Johanna and Finnick, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Finnick comes off as weird at first when he asks Katniss for her secrets, but after a while, you begin to warm up to him. He is really just a sweet guy with a thing for sugar cubes. He is just hugs and cuddles under those soft blond curls. Johanna, is well, the opposite. She is hard-core, cold, and doesn’t care about anyone anymore. She has been hurt by the Capitol. I love her because she is just so cool.

And this is my favorite part. I have decided that for every book that I do I am going to give the main characters factions. Here we go. Katniss: Divergent. Peeta: Amity. Prim: Abnegation. Gale: Dauntless. Haymitch: Candor. Effie: Erudite. Finnick: Amity. Johanna: Divergent.

I give this book a thumbs up for the twelve and up people!

(Sorry, I’m such a nerd)

“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.”


Divergent: A good thing

Hi! It’s Elle again! Yup! You guessed it! This one is about the  Divergent series, by Veronica Roth. This book is a good one if you are just wanting a little bit of romance, and a LOT of action. I liked a lot of things about this book. But some things I couldn’t wrap my head around. For one, the faction system. I like the idea A LOT, but I don’t like the faction options necessarily. I find it very hard to choose between being happy, or being brave, or being smart, or being selfless, or being honest. Why not be any? What I’m trying to say is, we shouldn’t have to be factionless or divergent to be whatever we want.

Now, I know this was the point Tobias was trying to make. He also wants to be all of them, and I don’t blame him. ( And yeah, dude, you DO need to work on being kind.) And don’t get me wrong, this is one of the books I have read soooo many times. I LOVE this book. The way it’s written still blows me away. (And personally, my favorite character is Peter.)

Now, Insurgent wasn’t my favorite. I read it to follow the story, but I wouldn’t re-read it unless I was re-reading all of the books. SORRY, VERONICA ROTH!!!

Allegiant was the one that got me right through the heart. The ending killed me. I could feel Veronica’s emotion coming through… It didn’t feel manufactured or made-up.

I thought the movies were good. Period. But, I didn’t like how they just omitted Uriah from the movie. I REALLY like who they chose for Peter, because he was able to capture how ANNOYING I thought Peter was in the book! Miles Teller made me hate him. That’s what a good actor does . The 4 things that bugged me the most were (1) Tobias didn’t have an obsession for cake. (2) Uriah, duh. (3) They didn’t have the HILARIOUS peace serum scene in the Insurgent movie. (4) Let’s just say the endings don’t match

Ok, last one. I thought Four was like wrapping paper on a present. It told you everything you needed to know about the beaten and scarred boy from Abnegation. I felt completed after reading that book. Unfortunately I picked up Carve the Mark, also by Veronica Roth. Since it’s an epilogue of an epilogue, I won’t divulge any details, but let’s just say, it tore the paper off of that beautifully wrapped present.

I give this book a thumbs up for the twelve and over peeps!!

“I am selfish. I am brave”

Elle ( And I thought you would want to know:  I am Dauntless )

The Challenge

Dust jacket for The Host by Stephenie Meyer
As you can see, there is a little tear in the top left corner. That is because I’ve read this book so many times. 🙂

Hi! My name is Elle. I am almost 13 years old. Once upon a time, my dad challenged me to a race. Not just any race, but a READING race. The challenge was if I got to 50 books by December 31, 2018 before him, I would get a fancy book stamp. I won, and I stamped ALL of my books with it. Twice. Plus the dust jackets. Also twice. What I’m trying to say is, THOSE BOOKS ARE MINE.

The book that I was most excited to stamp was Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. I have read that book so many times, that my eyes could bleed. Or they could turn a creepy, glow-y blue! (If you know what I mean) This book is almost EVERYTHING I like. Sci-fi, romance, action, and adventure. I could keep going! It definitely has a lot, and I mean a LOT of emotions! (And personally, my favorite character is Jared Howe).

I give this book two thumbs up for the 12 and over crowd!!!

“It’s a strange world, isn’t it? The strangest!”